Smile your way out…

….and I did while walking out of office into elevator and I remember running into this random stranger couple of times in the past and he speaks up and says –“ you’re always happy and cheerful, I have had seen you few times and every time you have a huge smile on your face, You’ve got great attitude”.  Absolutely, one of the best compliments ever today.

Smile Please (src: google images)

I smile back (“yes again”) and politely tell him and thank him for the wonderful compliment.

And quickly add “I am too excited for the chocolate coffee and very happy that I’m making star bucks richer everyday by killing my determination of avoiding coffee altogether.”

He bursts out laughing.

Yes, I just spoke to a total stranger in the elevator.

Smile at it’s best.. (src:google images)

Smile sure do have tremendous advantage, if you smile enough and laugh often, it keeps your stress levels down, improves serotonin levels in brain (yeah, these are called happy hormones) and cannot deny fact stated by one of Irish proverb.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. — Irish Proverb

Smile Please (src: google images)

And haven’t I mentioned I came across when I visited one of the city in southern part of  India. They have “Laughter clubs” for the same advantage. If you happened to visit “Hyderabad, India” and “Lumbini or Indira parks” in morning times around 6 or 7 am, you’ll get see the wonder! “People gather and laugh out loud..very loud“.  Whoa, I just found something interesting while looking up to provide you with information – It is also called as “Laughter Yoga”. I guess you might have this in your city too. If you like this idea and not in your place, you can always start one. You never know what would be your next favorite thing is.

Looks like a pretty big organization. Click here  for more details.

And sometimes, smiling your way out is much easier than showing around other not-so-pleasant-emotions.

Remember …
(src: Google images)

P.S: are you smiling at my pictures? they are not mine, I am not sure what it has got to do with Yellow color and smile.. they get along well! I wonder why?


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