Playing Games exhibits Inherent qualities – isn’t?

Base Ball with Kids (src: google)

Have you ever watched random people gathering and playing a game?

If yes, have you realized that there are many qualities you can see that each person has? I think every participant in the game possesses at least some quality, especially you would get to see an initiator, creator, team leaders, cheer leaders, commitment, hard work, team spirit, excited participants, and their attitude towards winning and losing in life or at game.

Base Ball layout (src: google)

Well, if you have not observed’s never too late, check yourself out and you will at-least relate to the qualities of each player mentioned above. Let’s not beat around the bush – alright – coming straight to the point, I’ve happened to go to an family event of a friend of mine, they had so many kids who were ranging from 5 to 20 yrs decided to play Base Ball game. I guess,  I was the only oldest one out there to be excited to participate in the game.

I walk along with them to the park, and I’ve had no idea how this game is played (on a side note: Not a huge fan of watching sports) , anyway they decided to catch me upto the speed with some general rules and I was told when my turn came – hit the ball as far as I can and when I am on team, I need to run from one pole to another pole before they hit the ball at pole. That’s my understanding! so far so good.

Since it was a friend’s family event and I’m meeting every kid out there for the first time ever (You can imagine how fun and exciting it would be to match up to their energy levels.. trust me it wasn’t easy for a non-sporty person like me).

Baseball in the park (Src: Google)

Below are some of the qualities they have exhibited while playing:

* Two people who are in their late teens decided to be team leads for their respective teams. (Leadership trait)

* They started picking people for each of their team – (Interpersonal skills), if they know the person & abilities they would blindly have them in team.

* Some kids were too excited to be in certain teams and they made sure they were in those teams ( go-getters)

* Although, picked by team mate, coz of shortage in the other team, some of them shifted/shuffled around to spread the evenness of the skill and age. (Team collaboration & team spirit)

* Like me there were other new kids decided not to be biased of team to be part of, picked by one particular team mate (Generous)

And we started playing the game; I was trying my best to play but definitely could not catch up to the speed of those highly-energetic kids. Yet, I was welcomed, was given a chance to play and enjoyed the feeling of winner and loser. We played 3 rounds and won only one game that implies losing in finals. Absolutely, great experience.

(Src: Google images)

And I wondered, these are the very same qualities that we exhibit in life or career. Every kid should be made to participate in games.. any kind , indoor, outdoor in groups. That will teach multitude ways of looking at life to survive in the competitive world. I could only wish, if I have had those opportunities growing up. That’s why every thing around makes me genuinely curious and part of me wants to explore those possibilities.

Don’t you think so?

P.S: Life is a game.. Play it! aaaha!


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