Hudson River and High Line Park

Heard about it for zillion times, watched in movies for several times and yet never really took time for a nice long walk along Hudson river. Finally, the day happened to be yesterday and although a chilly weather, decided to step out with a friend and it wonderfully turned out to be one of the most beautiful walk throwing in bit of adventure and curiosity. A Blissful evening.

Sunset and Hudson Lake

Along the river, there were many people exercising, biking, jogging and surprisingly practicing kayaking and floating in the water despite such a cold weather. (don’t get too surprised.. It’s a sailing school and they were all taking classes.)

Sunset & Helipad

Sailing School and Activities..

Sailing School on Hudson Lake

She is balancing it so well..

Learning to balance on the water

For those who want to take a walk along Hudson river, get to 42nd St and 12th Avenue and walk in an decreasing order of street numbers, It is beautiful path with pier’s, extended docks, beautiful views with water waves hitting the surface, cold breeze and few restaurants.

Water Wheel attached to Docking Station

View from extended Docking Station


As we walked along, there my curiosity led me to climb random stairs and found this wonderful treasure hidden in this vast concrete jungle,  It is called “High Line Park” , they turned the old railroad on top of the road unto a beautiful garden and path.  If you are a nature lover and would like to find some serenity in NYC, that’s the place. I came across this one at 10th Avenue and 23rd Street intersection in Mid town Manhattan (area well known by Chelsea). It was too dark and I could click only couple pictures…Check back later time.I am planning to go there again.

Park High up above the road..

Oh well.. this is not on the ground, it looks like it but actually it’s 15-20 feet above the road.

Lighting is just wonderful

This park is extended for about a mile or two and a wonderful place to take a walk in this concrete Jungle.

Where to find: It’s anywhere on 10th avenue, from 23rd to 14th St and beyond too, Check the website (Click Here) for more information. You can take E train (blue line) and get off at 42nd/34 St/23st/14st and walk towards water.

That is the border of Manhattan EAST &%$#@

And this is supposed to be first picture of this post but well, it’s not so good to talk about NYPD (New York Police Department). Here is the picture captured while walking towards the lake.. looks like a battle field in concrete jungle.

Police on horses.. NYPD

And there were local coffee stores on that high line park . It is something worth visiting. I discovered so late that I’ve missed such a beautiful place being in NYC.  Happy Walking!!


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