Archive | September 30, 2012

St Paul’s Chapel – Across WTC

Today was the most beautiful day here in NYC, slightly cloudy and mostly sunny. Thanks to a friend of mine who dragged me to Manhattan downtown to show him around.

Ever since I landed in NYC, I have had numerous guests coming over, be it a family or friends or friends of friends or family friends. I have been a tour guide with no knowledge about “what about’s of the places.. err..I meant history”, but know what those top 10 tourist destinations to cover all in a single day! I have visited every single place more than 10 times each in a span of 2 years.

Anyways, coming back to our topic.. after my friend left, I rambled into St.Paul’s Chapel Church. Amazed at the importance of the church and the hope & shelter it gave to people during WTC (world trade center) attack who were contributing to clean the mess out. If you are further interested in reading about it.. Click here.

As I walk through, it is more of an exhibits where it showcases, how people were being helped by volunteers, the messages they got from people around the world, letters and paintings from the kids, volunteers work and the life during those crucial 3 months right after the attack. In spite of the fall of WTC towers, there has been no physical damage occurred to this Church although it’s just across the street.  People were working round-about-the-clock, in 12 hours shifts and staying back to finish the work instead of going home.  Truly amazing..and it brought me tears in my eyes as I read and remember the people who lost their lives and happy for them who survived this episode.

Few clicks for you to get  a feel of it: All in the order from the entrance to a round about inside the chapel back to outside. Good news is that, if you ever want to visit this, you can get a free tour, they are offered Monday to Friday at 12 pm. No reservations required.. isn’t awesome?