Sam’s Falafel – Food Cart

That’s a food cart in NYC. Yes.. 100% vegetarian and #1 cart food in Manhattan Downtown.  Surprisingly, it costs only $4.00 (four dollars and Only Cash is accepted).

Of course, there are quite a few food carts around, and you get to eat variety of the food. The variety is usually available in the afternoon. If you are a vegetarian and would like eat for cheap .. this is the place.


Few more shots, It is pretty famous and usually there is a huge line during lunch time.

You have to wait for your turn.

Here is the Menu for you to choose, the platter is just too much food for any one to finish unless you are really hungry.


..Where to find?

Broadway and Cedar St, Manhattan Downtown. (Close to WTC)

If you ever happen to visit NYC, try this food out.

Closest subway stop: 4, 5 (stop: Wall st) & R (stop: Cortland st) trains.

2 thoughts on “Sam’s Falafel – Food Cart

  1. god that is awesome….i’ve been wanting to go to NY all my life, been everywhere but there, damnit! haha i love this post actually because i was working on getting a food cart (not in ny though) food carts are cool hehe. thank you very much for both of your likes and the follow. are you currently living in NYC? if so….youre so lucky!


  2. Hi Karla.. Thank you.
    You’ve got a great blog.
    May be you should plan on living in NYC for at least 2 months to get a feel of it.
    Yeah..I am currently living here. Come visit during summer/fall season…I am sure you;ll love it.


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