Are you stressed out?

In this modern era, we are stressed out for anything and everything. Have ever paused .. and scanned through the things that are stressing you out?

Stress is the main reason for many new diseases, it shuts out  healthy and important hormones in our body, especially it weakens our immune system killing healthy cells. Is it worth? In fact, is anything worth more than our health?

Do watch the documentary on Stress, Potrait of a Killer.  That is available on Netflix as well. (For the people who are not familiar with netflix, it is a internet subscription service for watching  movies and TV Programs).

Totally worth watching, and hope this helps you as much as it did to me. It definitely makes you re-think, if stressing out on things of small value is any value at all. Stress is directly proportional to our ill-health.

That is why it is said “Health is wealth”.

Let me know your take on this is?


2 thoughts on “Are you stressed out?

  1. I don’t really the time to watch the video right now but it sounds interesting. Maybe I can find the time to do so soon.
    I agree with the premise though. I was just at the doctor with my brother today and he told him that one of the best ways to heal is to reduce stress.


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