Blood Horoscopes

huh.. would you even think that your traits are determined based not only on the month you were born in but also depending on the blood group you have… well of course good and bad.

Blood Groups
(source: Google images)

As part of Blood Drive program in our organisation, one of my friend ended up donating his blood. His was O +ve, and I was… So far under the assumption that O+ is a an universal donor until I found out some very interesting facts that differentiates various blood groups.

Here is the Conversation:

so you have two blood proteins that are in some people but not in others
If you have one or the other, you’ll be either A or B
If you have both, you’re AB
If you have neither, you’re O
Actually, there’s a third one
If you have it, you’re +
Otherwise, you’re –
So, if you’re A+, you have 2 of the proteins
If you’re O-, you have none of the proteins
If you are missing some and someone gives it to you, then the donated blood will be rejected by your body
O+ can’t get blood from A or B blood types
But O+ can be given to anyone that’s +
and O- people can  give blood to anyone, they can only receive from O-
O-  is Universal Donor
AB+ is Universal Receiver
And also, he pointed out that blood horoscopes are most prevalent in Japanese culture. (my thoughts: I doubt if they still do )
Do you want to know what your traits are based on the blood group?
So, go ahead and share what your personality is like? Mine is Type O …And hey, please never ask me to donate the blood.. I have a scarcity of Iron and have to eat lots of Greens.. yeah i know.. but do I have a choice? .
and I am not really defined by what they have listed out there.. !
Go ahead and share yours.
Happy Blood Horoscoping.
PS:  Horoscoping word doesn’t exist…totally made up. Nor the blood horoscope classification apply.. it was a made up by one of the Japanese person who got insulted by an westerner travelling  Japan at that time. I read this somewhere just this evening and can’t seem to find the supporting link. There is another version of the story (here), but you can always google it away.

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