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Fun facts about living in New York

NYC – Citi that Never Sleeps

My Job demands me to relocate quite frequently and that gave me an opportunity to live  in multiple cities of United States ..and New York is the one that is having (rather holding) me the longest. I would like to share some fun facts that are soooo unique to NYC.

Fun facts goes here:

1. Citi Never Sleeps – 24 hrs round the clock, you’ll see people at any given time . I came alone home at 1 AM via public transportation.. no kidding, I find it is the safest place to travel at any time in nights.No wonder it has such a caption (actually that is a caption of Citibank but gets applied to NYC). Also called as Big Apple (I still wonder why it’s called by that name.. I have no justification..If you do know.. appreciate your reasoning)

2. Diversity -People are diversified and you’ll see the whole world right here in this 13 mi Manhattan.. I have met people from countries that I have never heard of (oh I meant, I never heard not that they do not exist)

3.Sky Scrappers everywhere.. Forest made of Concrete.. although in east-coast, seasons change but you’ll see no difference in the color of this concrete jungle.

4. Amazing Opportunities – oh yea, you can be what ever you want to . Well, you see people who show off their talents in trains and in subways and make some quick bucks for their living while stepping their foot into the career they wanted to make of. And you can simply do anything and everything you dreamed of. You can explore your interests/hobbies and meet like minded people.

5. Best Metro system 24×7 -I mean, I am talking about commute via buses and trains yeah yeah.. public transportation, subways are bit dirty though, well with such a huge population that is expected.

6. Expensive living and *conditions apply*: Well the living costs are high, you really have to pay quite a ransom for a small apartment. I have been in different states in United States, New York City  is the only place I’ve seen where one need to pay ” one months rent towards Broker Fees” even for renting an apartment. Air Conditioner and Microwave are NOT provided, You have even buy and fix window blinds, and some times you need get your own carpet and fix it. I find all these weird for one reason that It was never this tough at any place I’ve lived so far.

7. Crowded: Not only people, even the buildings are. If you ever happen to get into subway between 7 am and 9 am, You will be standing almost at the footsteps of a bus and you might not be able to squeeze in the trains unless you board the train at the very beginning. Yes, I am equally surprised and excited that… even in United States people have to stand and ride in public transportation for longggggggg hours. Yes, on the average people who work in NYC travel at least an hour to 2 hours…no kidding.

8. Public Parks: You think they are free, to use tennis courts, swimming pools or use any other need to take membership and pay for it. Yes the fees are minimal but YOU Still need to pay for it. Well could be part of a maintenance fee for such a huge population and less land.

9. Swimming pools in Gym: It’s very hard to find a gym with swimming pool in it. Ofcourse Place constraints. and Gym memberships are very expensive.

10. Food ..this is the best place on the earth for variety of food cuisines. You find everything from .. eeks.. I can’t just list all the countries but say on the world map, from east to west and from south to North, diagnolly , tangentially, parabollically.. you will find the breadth of cuisines ..specially in Manhattan Midtown and downtown.

11. Competitive Spirit: On the average people born and brought up in NYC are much smarter (well in United States only..), Survival of the fittest applies here.. (some law in physics) , more competition , more choices ..certainly more smart people.

12. Fashion: Great fashion sense, New Yorkers dress well ! They have amazing fashion sense. I think people from paris, France are probably have more fashion sense than new yorkers. Well I am not sooo sure about it.. may be U could answer this. But definitely, great styles.

13. Education: There are best universities and schools for every thing, although driven by financial industry everywhere, it is a great place for other things as well. May be not, IOWA has best SAT scores across the country..!

14. Events: There is one or the other event happening in reachable distance within NYC that is most likely open to public.

15. Bars: For all the people out there.. as much as I wanted NYC to have the best bars, but I guess the Hoboken, New Jersey stands out.. This place has best bars in the world and it’s just 15 mins away from Penn Station, New York (take a path and make a ride).

As much as I want my brain to recollect facts seems to be very tired to think even a bit further.  It had such a long long day today and needs some rest. It says it will take this up some other time.

And , before I much fun and exciting it is to live in NYC, it equally gives Strain and Stress.

Welcome to NYC. Definitely a great place to live, Visiting does not give you real fun unless you live here.. It is a worthwhile experience. What are you thinking, If you ever get a chance to live in NYC even for a month… take it up!

Hope this gave you some not-so-mentioned-insights-about-NYC.  (I am too lazy to even proof read).