Summer ends on Labor Day Weekend

Apparently,  Labor day in united states is the official ending of summer and the beginning of fall season.  I ended up walking in my neighborhood park Flushing Meadows Corona Park this evening.  The biggest park in Queens borough in New York City. This is the park adjacent to where the US Open tennis takes places and also the Indoor swimming pool in the park have been utilized for Olympics some time back.

…anywaayyyy period to advertisement. To breath some fresh air this evening..I ended up going to this park and it totally surprised me with the liveliness .. heck I totally forgot that it is a Labor day weekend. Park is totally occupied by people everywhere with their camps on. Live music, good food, fun time for kids, great friends and family get-together’s around the lake. They were lying in the grass, playing sports, flying kites, fishing, biking and boating too.

While I walk, I wondered if the Flushing  name of park mean something?.. may be it’s just a water flushed out of our toilets.. eeks. who knows .. may be. My environmental engineering friend says, all the flushed water from our homes are sanitized with chemicals and left into the stream exposing them to fresh air so they can get rid of bad smell and then they are picked up, filtered and re-distributed as drinking water… oops, did I just leak the information out.. sorry about it. Yeah.. it sounds like – what goes around comes around. Forget what you learned here..and look at the beautiful pictures that I have captured while I wandered in the awesomely beautiful park.

Lake in Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Live music, good food and it is crowded… Lively

Camping everywhere, good food, live music and drums.

Boating and biking.. and it ends tomorrow (last day of weekend)

Kids park, the palm tree replica with water fountains…

Here are the beautiful Sun Set pictures

Sunset and Lamp Post

another beautiful one..

Another beautiful spot – resembles china town

…the end of walking tour!

Hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour of not-so-touristy local place in one of the 5 boroughs of New York City!

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